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iOS 7: Liberating Your Phone

The launch of a new Apple product still has a certain magic among tech enthusiasts, with each new product or application awaited with anxious anticipation akin to that of children on Christmas Eve. Also eagerly anticipated is the product’s inevitable jailbreak. iOS 7, the new operating system1 for Apple products set to be launched later this year, is likely to be no exception, and plans are already underway to jailbreak iOS 7 equipped products.

In many ways, the iOS 7 is a bit of an apology for the iOS 6, which had some well-documented stumbles, including issues with Apple Maps. The new iOS 7, set to launch in late 2013, is expected to be a bit smoother than the iOS 6, and help users better order the many functions they are using their mobile devices. The iOS 7 is the brain child of Jony Ive, who is considered by many to be the true heir of iconic Apple founder Steve Jobs’ vision and talent.

The new iOS 7 is Expected to Have Great Features, Not Jailbreak For IOS 7, including:

- A streamlined control center allowing easier management of various functions such as brightness and shortcuts to frequently used apps.
- Easier access to camera functions.
- AirDrop WiFi sharing features.
- Integrated iTunes service.
- Easier management of photos.
- Siri integration of music, navigation2 and various other functions for convenient use in your vehicle.

With the misfires of the iOS 6, a lot is riding on the new iOS 7, and based on Apple’s past performance and their actions after the iOS 6 problems, they are likely to return to form with the new iOS 7.

Now The Fun Part: Getting Ready To Jailbreak iOS 7

How TO Jailbreak IOS 7
Part of the fun of every launch of a new Apple operating system is finding ways around the limitations set by the company on its devices. Whole companies are created based on finding ways to help Apple product owners liberate their products from company restrictions and get the most out of them. For the casual Apple product owner, this can represent a pitfall, as allowing unqualified people to work on their device can cause harm to the product, and expose their personal information to hackers. Nevertheless, thousands and thousands of Apple product owners want their products freed from constraint, and this demand has created a huge market for jailbreaking.

Jailbreak: iOS 7 Liberation

Jailbreaking is removing limitations on products imposed via their operating systems. When a device such as an iPad or iPhone gets jailbreaked, root access to the operating system is granted, allowing the user to download applications that the limitations originally in the operating system would have prohibited.

Apple is notorious for its controlling ways, and set these limitations on its products to force users to only purchase products approved by the company. When you jailbreak your iPhone or other device, you gain access to a variety of great third-party apps.

The legality of jailbreaking has been a contentious issue, as well as a gray area, but for now it remains legal in most cases. Even if the practice were to become forbidden by law, finding and prosecuting users of devices that have been jailbreaked would be difficult. Apple has said that jailbreaking a device may void its warranty, however.
A larger concern about jailbreaking your device is the security flaws it may introduce to the device. Jailbreaking your iPhone or other device may make it more vulnerable to hackers. That’s why having trained professionals do your jailbreaking is important. Skilled professionals know how to efficiently and safely jailbreak your iPad or other device without exposing it to unnecessary risk from hackers. Because so much of our personal information is in our iPhones and mobile devices these days, making sure these devices are safe is important. By hiring a qualified company to jailbreak your phone, you ensure your device remains functional and your personal information stays safe.

As the iOS 7 has yet to be released to the general public, jailbreaks for it have yet to be developed. Based on past experience, however, a jailbreak for the service is likely to hit the market quickly.

Jailbreak IOS 7 Download

Benefits of Jailbreaking

Jailbreaking offers several benefits to iPhone users or users of other devices that have draconian restrictions on their use. Some benefits of jailbreaking your phone include:

- Greater functionality. When you jailbreak iOS 7, you get to use it for what you want when you want it.
- Unlimited ability to download wallpapers, games and much more.
- Access to the best third-party applications. Many popular applications for mobile devices don’t have Apple’s seal of approval because of financial or other disputes. Those are Apple’s problems, not yours. By jailbreaking your phone, you get what you want, when you want it.
- Privacy. Jailbreaking can allow you to remove some of the more “inquisitive” aspects of the iPhone, such as location tracking features. It’s bad enough the NSA is tracking our calls3 , do we really need further invasions of our privacy?
- Higher resale value. iPhone consumers who don’t want to have to jailbreak their iPhones on their own will pay a premium price for used iPhones that have already gone through the process. If you’re an early adopter and want the latest and greatest, chances are you will want to sell your iPhone at some point.
Custom ringtones and themes become more easily available.


What To Look For In A Jailbreaking Service

Not all jailbreaking services are created equal. Some fly-by-night firms can actually do more harm than good to your device. Evaluating jailbreaking services can be difficult, particularly if you are not very tech savvy. Here are a few ways to tell the pros from the rotters:

- Unlimited support. Your jailbreaking service should allow you to contact them with any jailbreaking-related issue after they jailbreak your phone. It’s not just courtesy, it’s also the professional thing to do.
- Affordability. Your service shouldn’t gouge you. Good jailbreaking services can be obtained for around $30.
- Untethered jailbreaks. Tethered jailbreaks require you to reboot the jailbreaking software every time you restart your device. Untethered jailbreaks don’t. When shopping for a service, make sure that they offer untethered jailbreaks for greater convenience.
- Money-back guarantee. You know you’re dealing with a company you can trust when they offer you money back if you’re not satisfied.

When selecting a liberator for your iPhone, be sure to choose a company that has good technical skills and a commitment to customer service. When you’re able to safely use your phone to access fun or useful third-party apps safely, you’ll be glad you did.

What’s Going On At Apple?

With the death of Apple founder and visionary Steve Jobs just a year and a half ago, the company has entered a period of transition as it finds its way forward under new CEO Tim Cook. Cook worked for years as Jobs No. 2 and is known for his work in making Apple’s manufacturing more efficient, helping to boost product quality and company profitability. It remains to be seen whether Cook has the iconic Jobs’ vision, or if he can inspire it among the highly talented team of rivals at Apple.

Apple retains its dominance in many areas as of now, and its iPhone products remain highly sought after, but it is anyone’s guess whether Apple will be able to continue to turn out the daring, innovative products it was able to create during the Jobs era. For some industry watchers, Cook’s decision to pass on making a Phablet4, a tablet sized phone, is troubling. However, other decisions the new CEO has made are being well-received, and Apple will be the king of the hill in technology for the foreseeable future.

Learn How To Jailbreak IOS7

Learn How to Jailbreak iOS 7


In order to enjoy the benefits of unlocking your iPhone 5S, you need to understand how to jailbreak iPhone 5S. When you do learn the secret of unlocking your Apple device via the most impressive, modern and affordable software programs, you’ll be one step closer to enjoying peak performance every time that you use your iPhone.

Because this type of Apple hardware1 is more functional once it’s jailbroken, you’ll be able to access a host of benefits, including third-party apps (which were formerly off limits due to Apple’s restrictions), personalization features and more. Because unlocking also offers you network carrier freedom, it clearly provides tons of advantages.

Now, let’s talk about the seven steps that are involved with unlocking this type of Apple hardware…

Discover Seven Steps to an Easy Unlock and Jailbreak

Jailbreak IOS 7

Step 1 – Download a Jailbreak Program

During Step One, you should probably access a software program which allows you to perform a safe and dependable jailbreak, right from the comfort and privacy of your own home2.

Once you’ve found a quality program that gets great reviews from real-life customers, make sure that it comes in a version which is compatible with your computer’s operating system. Then, you’ll be ready for Step Two.

Step 2 – Quit iTunes

The second step is closing your iTunes application. Before proceeding with the unlocking process, you will need to quit iTunes. Otherwise, it may interfere with your unlock. So, exit the program and then prepare to move on to Step Three.

Step 3 – Run an Installer

In order to run the installer during Step Three, visit the directory where you stored the downloaded file. Then, open the installer by utilizing admin settings. This quick step will prepare you to hook your hardware to your PC and then

begin the unlocking process.

Step 4 – Link Your Hardware to your PC

To link your smart phone to your personal computer, use an USB cable. Plug one end of the cable into your Apple device and then plug the other end into the USB3 port of your PC. This easy step makes it possible for your computer to detect your device.

Step 5 – Allow Your PC to Find your Hardware

The IOS 7 Jailbreak


During Step Five, your computer must detect your smart phone. This should happen automatically after you complete Step Four. Once you get a message that the computer has found your hardware, click on the button that activates the process.

Step 6 – Wait for the Software to Start Up

Your software should start up naturally at this point. This initialization phase will take a little while, so wait patiently until the procedure is complete. During this phase, your software program will reboot your smart phone. Let the process unfold. When it’s done, you should receive a new message that confirms your action. At this point, confirm and tap command in order to start the unlocking process.

Step 7 – Wait for the Jailbreak to Complete

The software will jailbreak your iPhone during Step Seven. Relax and wait until you receive a “done” message. You should be able to see the Evasion logo. When the process is complete, you may also see a Cydia option.

Now that you know just how easy it is to jailbreak your new iPhone 5svia the hottest new software programs, why not download one today? When you do, you’ll get more out your iPhone, without any downside. The most important factor in the success of your jailbreak is which software program you choose. When you choose carefully, by selecting a program that is known for quality, everything should run smoothly.

Get more out of your addictive piece of Apple hardware…jailbreak your iPhone today.